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Creating a responsive layout based on squares.

Creating a responsive layout based on squares may be more tricky than expected, because it require you to always ensure a given aspect ratio of 1:1. Here are some thoughts on a solution I came up with.Imagine a layout should define a square, that is supposed to be biggest unit. All other elements are fractals of this biggest square, going down to a square that is supposed to be the smallest unit. I tried out various approaches to […]

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Responsive background images with srcset and sizes

A while ago I searched around for a quick and easy solution to provide responsive background images. Somewhere I stumbled upon a fiddle demonstrating an amazingly neat trick. I tried this approach in a few projects and started some cross browser testing. It worked like a charm and I'd like to share and explain this idea.srcset and sizes FTW!The srcset and sizes attributes, which the HTML5 standard specifies for the img tag, are around for a while now. […]

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