npm run deploy

Hi there! I'm Alex, a freelance web developer living in Hamburg, Germany. Today is the day to finally publish my new website.

I came up with a bazillion of ideas, concepts, layouts, prototypes and finished implementations. Like 99% of them went to the trash bin. In the end I decided to strip it all down to the essentials and put a simple, minimalistic blog in the center.

To keep myself sticking to this idea, I didn't even consider some full fletched CMS - like Wordpress would be for bloggers. Instead I set high hopes in ghost. What can I say? It's awesome! Ghost gave me a small set of important functionality and stopped me when I dug up an idea for some pointless extra feature. Creating your own theme is quite easy, writing posts with Markdown syntax anyway.

I believe sharing your knowledge is a great measure to improve your work. Thus I'm trying to find as much time as possible to write posts on various topics about web development.