Cookie usage

I like the ones with chocolate chips the most. The ones with cranberries aren't bad, either.

While using my website cookies might be saved in your browser. The purpose of the following explanations is to inform you about this topis:

  • In which cases I might save cookies in your browser.
  • Which cookies are created and what data is saved within the cookies.
  • Why I need the cookies and how I use them.

This cookie is created when you confirm the the request at the top of the page, that I'm allowed to store cookies in your browser. If you don't accept, I'm not going to create this or any other cookie.

With the help of this cookie it's possible to identify you / your browser against the blog system running this website.

The following data is stored within this cookie:

  • name: cookies_confirm
  • domain:
  • valid for: 13 month
  • data: "true"

Matomo tracking cookies

The analytics software Matomo will set cookies that hold your visitor identification number and a session identifier.

You can find detailed information about the cookies created by Matomo within the Matomo documentation.

Further reading

You may be interested in the analytics / tracking software I use and the gathered data. Please have a look at this page: Analytics

If you like to read about the general usage of data when using my website, or working with me, please refer to the data privacy page: Data Privacy (warning: it's written in german)