How analytics software is used on this website

I'm going to analyze your whole live! Everything! Even while you're asleep! [vicious laughing]

If you agreed the usage of cookies on this website I'm going to save a cookie in your browser provided by my analytics / tracking software.

I use the open source software Matomo for analytics (formerly known as Piwik). Matomo is a analytics software, that enables me to gather statistics how your are interaction with the content I provide. I do this to get a slight idea how many users are visiting my website and which contents they are most interested in. The overall idea is to improve my contents to increase it's relevance for you and your work.

Disallow tracking (Opt-out)

If your are not OK within being tracked, please use the this form to opt-out:


The analytics software is hosted on a virtual server administrated by myself. It's a different server from different hosting provider as I use for the blog system, which is running on a managed server. Therefore no third party may (legally) get access to your data that is stored in the Matomo database. I take efforts to protect this server and your data like checking and installing software updates regularly, using encrypted data transmission and enforcing strong passwords to limit access.

Stored data

When using analytics software the obvious question is: What data is stored? This section provides you with some insights on this topic.

First things first: I configured Matomo to store all data in a anonymized manner (by removing parts of your IP-address). This means, if you ask me to show you your data regarding your name, your place of residence, your IP-address or your Mac-address, I can't tell you. It's not possible to refer stored data to you in person.

With your first visit (and activation of the user tracking) you will be given a generated visitor identification number (like "d1ce7ea9198f23b0") that will be stored in your cookie. This is the only piece of reference between you (your browser) and the analytics software.

Anyways, this is a list of the most important data stored with every page you visit:

  • URL of the page you opened
  • timestamp of the request
  • visitor identification number
  • browser incl. version number and installed plugins
  • operating system
  • screen resolution
  • device name
  • country (based on party of the IP-address)
  • language (based on settings defined in your browser)
  • URL of the website that referred to my site (e.g. Google search result page)

Due to the visitor identification number it's possible to connect single page views to a profile combining all of them. Therefore I can aggregate information like the following:

  • all pages you've visited
  • your first visit
  • your last visit
  • total time you spend on my website

You may also like to read some more information in the Matomo documentation.

Data privacy

The Matomo software enforces regulations given by the GDPR (known as DSVGO in Germany) to protect you and your data. For further information on this topic please read their guidelines: GDPR - Analytics Platform - Matomo

If you like to read about the general usage of data when using my website, or working with me, please refer to the data privacy page: Data Privacy (warning: it's written in German)